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Concrete Reinforcement Fibers
Concrete reinforcement fibers are generally used for strengthening cement, roofing & stone. Further, they are appreciated as they improves structural strength, ductility, mix cohesion and are highly resistant to impact & abrasion.
Floor Hardener
Floor hardener are generally used for providing extra hardness to the concrete floor which increases its life. They provide better abrasion & impact resistance and they are also free from organic impurities.
Airless spray equipment increases the speed & pressure of spray while coatings and it is commonly used for painting, grouting, packing & water proofing work. It is highly efficient and durable.
Fiberglass mesh tape is commonly used for taping joints and drywall seams. Ease to use, and it is known for its excellent strength, flawless finish and resistance to tear & abrasion.
Waterproofing Agent
Waterproofing agents are widely used for protecting floors and walls from water & damp penetration. They makes the structure water-resistant and enhances its shelf life. Further they are free from impurities.
Anti-crack fiber glass is widely used for reinforcing plastics, concrete, mosaic & marbles. It has high ductile strength, smooth texture, strong adhesion, prolonged shelf life and resistance to water & abrasion.
Geotextile Sheet Fabric
Geotextile Sheet Fabric is a strong synthetic fabric that prevents erosion by stabilizing loose soil. Eco-friendly and widely applicable in dams, canals, roads, airfields & other civil engineering construction projects. Further Geotextile Sheet Fabric has high strength and abrasion resistance.
Injection Packers
Injection packers are generally used for strengthening, bonding, sealing & water proofing applications. They are known for their long life & sturdiness. Further they are easy to use and deliver effective functioning.
Dual component injection grouting machine is widely used for filling the gaps between surfaces and equipped with high pressure. It is applicable for the cracks of concrete & building projects.
Grouting Chemical
Grouting chemicals are used for filling the voids with a low viscosity grout. They are environmentally safe and can resist high hydrostatic pressure. They are applicable for masonry walls, joints & cracks.
Microfine Injection Cement
Microfine injection cement is commonly used for grouting and has superior penetration into joints & fissures. It is highly applicable in mines, caverns, ground & tunnels for stabilization and water-tightness.
Crystalline Waterproofing
Crystalline waterproofing coatings are helpful for making the surface water-tight and increases their longevity. Further they have the ability to withstand low temperature. They are suitable for basement, water tanks, swimming pool & reservoir.
Polysulphide sealant is widely used in construction for sealing channels & joints. It has excellent adhesion properties and it also provides waterproof sealing. Easy to use, and it is highly efficient and chemical resistance.
Reflective Coating Services
High reflective coatings are used to reflect the heat and can withstand severe environments. They have outstanding adhesion properties and makes the surface resistance to UV rays, abrasion & chemical.
Fiberglass Construction Material
Concrete fiber mesh is widely used to strengthening the building and increases its structural integrity. It can resist cracking, further it has prolonged shelf life, high strength and resistance to water.
Glass fiber mesh is generally used for insulating walls, waterproof and reinforcing plastic materials. Ease to installation, and it is highly flexible & durable. Further it has high strength and resistance to water & alkali.