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Waterproofing Liquid Membrane

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Price: 4,346.00 INR

Two-component, high flexibility cementitious mortar, for waterproofing concrete surfaces, balconies, terraces, basins, and swimming pools. Can be applied by brush or with a roller.

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Price: 6,490.00 INR

A high performance, low odour, one-part, fast-curing, high solids, pure polyurethane elastomer waterproof membrane. It is specially formulated for easy roller application of all permanently flexible, tough, high build, long-life waterproof barriers.

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Price: 1,850.00 INR

Uses Brushbond RFX is an high performance elastomeric cementitious coating used for waterproofing and to protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, oxygen & water. Brushbond RFX is suitable for all types of structures including those in coastal environments. The product can be used on concrete, brick and blockwork substrates and is equally suitable for new and existing structures. The product is designed to reface and even out variations in concrete and masonry surfaces and bridge shrinkage cracks. It provides a seamless, fl exible waterproof coating suitable for water tanks, reservoirs, drainage culverts basements, roofs, toilets & wet areas. The product provides a tough durable water resistant coating which can withstand light pedestrian traffi c and also has excellent weather resistance for exterior applications. Advantages Excellent barrier to carbo n dioxide, chloride and sulphate ions. Allows water vapour to escape from the structure. Waterproof-suitable for water retaining structures. High resistance to the effect of long-term weathering, durable in all climate conditions including UV attack. Non toxic - ideal for potable water tanks. Flexible, with thermal expansion similar to concrete. Excellent bond to concrete and masonry. Good crack accommodation capacity. Minimum surface preparation needed and low labour Costs

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CORCHEM 206 I is a single component, high solid content moisture cured polyurethane based tar extended elastomeric protective coating system , ideally suited for waterproofing of roof , walls and foundation conforming to ASTM C-836-03 and ASTM C 898-09 CORCHEM 206 I SHALL BE APPLIED DIRECTLY FROM DRUM. On drying, CORCHEM 206 I forms a seamless elastomeric protective and waterproofing membrane. CORCHEM 206 I being viscous, it can be easily applied on vertical surface. It has excellent adhesion to dry as well as primed surfaces of concrete, tile, plaster, masonry, mastic coating and metal.


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